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We support US private charter companies with their travel needs by combining high-quality professionals and ensuring that client expectations are met.


WHo we are

TravelConfirm is a young aspiring company in love with the travel industry charged with perpetual
“every-second” changes, endeavor for careful planning, for the responsibility of making a series of
different decisions – easy or hard. Delivering a high-level service is our goal, achieving which we
satisfy our clients.

Our goal is to help companies with passenger logistics, trip planning and scheduling, maintenance planning, catering, hotel and airline reservations, accounting, lead generation and cold calls. The team is located in Ukraine on a different time-zone allowing our clients to cover missing work hours in the US at a lower price than local resources.


The year TravelConfirm was



Professionals in our team


Years of business travel



Unique flight operation center in Ukraine

WHo we hire

flight coordinators

Quoting and trip scheduling

Flight following

Crew & Passengers logistics

Constant invoices verification

Maintenance Planners

Generating work orders

Creating procedural manuals

Maintenance scheduling and adapting

Responsible for different production databases and testing equipment.

Sales Assistants

Lead generation

Outbound calling

Fuel negotiations

Email marketing

Services we offer

Parts purchasing

How much does the MRO you work with markup the parts they sell you? 15%?  25%?  We can help you shop for parts and save a significant amount versus buying through the MRO.

FBO receipt auditing

Are all your FBO receipts accurate? Did you get charged the right price per gallon of fuel?  Did handling fees get waived when they should be? In our experience these things don’t happen automatically.  Allow us to audit your FBO receipts at no upfront cost.  If we find you savings, we take a percentage of the amount saved.

Hotel booking

We can save you 25-50% versus booking direct with the hotel or through Expedia.  We have a number of strategies, using miles and points that can help you achieve significant savings.


7260 W. Azure Dr Suite 140-829 Las Vegas, NV 89130 USA

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