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outstaffing employees


By providing aviation professionals located in Ukraine, we help international companies cover staff shortages at a lower cost, achieve time-zone coverage (we are 10 hours ahead PST) and handle recruiting and on-boarding processes.

Is there anyone else you need to staff?

With our experience working with the Ukrainian market, our recruiting department can find you a competent worker in any related field to join your team.

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Charter Sales

Our clients receive 300-600 trip requests per day and when their office is closed at night, our Charter Sales Managers handle the requests so that our client does not miss out on the opportunity to book a trip.

Sells and coordinates charter flights for the client’s fleet

Creates a quote in up to 15 minutes

Builds long-term relationships both with brokers and directly with clients

Manages owner flights

Brokers the sub-charter flights

Assesses client requirements meticulously

The benefit of time-zone coverage (October 2020):


(Total price of the booked trip)

3:00 am PST

(Time the quote request was received)

3:07 am PST

(Time the quote was sent)

Our team booked trips in February 2021 to a value of $129,000.

Charter sales
airplane flight support

Flight Support

Performs fight following

We check if the crew has arrived, what fuel is needed, check with FBO that any catering orders have been delivered, and report this information to a client.

Prepares and supplements the catering order

Organizes ground transfers in accordance with the client's wishes

Manages hotel and air tickets bookings and reservations

We can save you 25-30% against booking directly with the hotel or through Expedia. We have a number of strategies, using miles and points, which can help you achieve significant savings.
Learn more here

Tracks the aircraft from the moment of departure to the moment of landing, keeping the broker informed

Maintains constant communication with the client

Flight support

Planning & Control

Our Maintenance Planners:

Analyze documentation: estimate task completion time and set deadlines for when tasks must be completed

Analyze airframe cycles and hours for a particular jet

Create work orders using the CAMP software solution

Send out work orders to different vendors and analyze the quotes

Contact the client to approve on the vendor’s quote

Submit maintenance requests

Receive and verify documentation after maintenance

This team has strong Aviation qualifications and experience working with Boeing, Airbus and major Ukrainian airlines.

Our Maintenance Controllers:

Monitor the aircraft's technical condition

Supervise the planners

Solve AOG cases. For example, if an aircraft is about to take off and a part is found to have malfunctioned, the controller determines how dangerous the breakdown is and may create a DMA. (Deferrable Maintenance Item), allowing the aircraft to take off but with certain restrictions.

Communicate with engineers, MRO facilities and vendors

Order spare parts and ensure on-time delivery

Dispute invoices 

Recently, the MRO sent an additional invoice for $15,000. Our controller reviewed the maintenance records, maintenance documentation, maintenance planning data, and manufacturer's maintenance manual, and concluded that $8000 of that $15,000 was completely groundless.


The invoice was disputed, and the client's money was saved. We also provide the same service for FBO receipts, which you can check via this link.

pilot coordination

Pilot Coordination

The Pilot Coordinator performs duties delegated by the Chief Pilot. Tasks include filing, organizing, reporting, scheduling, record keeping, and various other administrative functions, while maintaining a positive and productive relationship with staff.

Tracking pilots’ flight and duty log record keeping

Tracking pilots’ Flight Risk Assessment Tool record keeping

Assisting pilots with paperwork during their service

Scheduling activities (pilot training, medical examinations etc.)

Introductory administrative training for pilots

Supporting personnel in their administrative issues


Our Pilot Coordinator communicates with 60+ pilots simultaneously on a daily basis.

Pilot coordination

Are there any roles we missed?

Need someone to help you with routine tasks? Personal Assistant? Lead generator? 

Someone to assist with HR and bookkeeping?

Maybe establish a 24/7 team of customer representatives?

Designing your marketing materials or developing a web-site?

We missed?
workflow aviation services



Candidate sourcing

Duration: 1-4 weeks (depending on position complexity). 

If our internal candidates meet your requirements, this stage can be skipped.


Internal interview

Participants: Recruiter, TravelConfirm’s manager and the candidate

Duration: 3-4 weeks

At this stage, we make sure the candidate offers the desired skills and experience for the position (English language and hard skills), has the motivation and is ready to adhere to TravelConfirm’s core values, which are reliability, openness, education, and communication.


External interview

Participants: Recruiter, TravelConfirm’s manager, hiring manager on a client’s side, and the candidate).

We present the best 2-3 candidates to the client, with CVs and our comments, and hold an interview with the client and the candidate.



Participants: TravelConfirm’s HR

We set up accounts, deliver laptops and other necessary equipment, cover payroll issues, and deal with all related documentation. Also, we make sure the candidate passes the code of conduct training, security checks and security training on personal information safety.

The four stages are over, and your dedicated member is ready to join your team!

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