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Parts Purchasing

We have a team of 10+ professionals working to minimize aircraft owners’ expenditure on replacement parts.

We contact up to 30 vendors over the phone and email, to find the best market price.

We get back to our clients with part options within one business day.

We have already built a long-time partnership with vendors to get prompt feedback on the part you need.

Our ultimate goal is delivering cost reduction, time-saving and the perfect part fit to our clients.

Want to know how we could save $7,025 (same part condition) and $42,300 for an owner by spending 30 hours on parts searches? Check out our case study.

Want us to find a right part for you at the lowest price?

Parts Purchasing

FBO and MRO Receipt Auditing

Are all your FBO or MRO receipts accurate?

Were you charged extra for labor?

Or were you charged when the part should have been covered by the parts program?

Did you get charged the right price per gallon of fuel?

Were ground handling fees waived when they should have been?

In our experience, these things don’t happen automatically. Allow us to audit your FBO and MRO receipts at no upfront cost. If we find you savings, we take a percentage of the amount saved.

For one owner, we could save up to


by checking his receipts on a regular basis.

hotel and airline reservations

Hotel and Airline Reservations

Leveraging expertise and connections, we have built an efficient internal system that saves our clients up to 50% on hotel and airline reservations.

We have organized business trips for over 1000+ people all over the USA

We negotiate with hotels until the result in the form of a discount is reached

We have our own strategies, using miles and points, to save your time and your money

We validate hotel offers for the lowest price in alignment with your preferences

We have written travel policies for the IT company Dev.Pro, a firm with 500+ people, and saved them up to 25-30% in travel costs

Hotel and Airline

Additional Services

Software and website development

TravelConfirm partners with Dev.Pro, one of the leading outsource development companies in Ukraine. You can work however best suits your company’s culture and project objectives - either getting a team of expert engineers to work under your direction, or allowing Dev.Pro to take full responsibility for the deliverables.

Lead generation & cold calls

TravelConfirm supports your marketing efforts and boosts the lead generation process! Our team of sales specialists can take responsibility for a most monotonous but much-needed part of the job: cold calling and email-marketing.

Web design

TravelConfirm offers custom design services in order to present your company in the most effective way, so your clients just can’t resist… landing pages, presentations, email blasts, brochures, banners, company branding.

Additional Services
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