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Excellence in аviation services



We cover our clients’ staff shortages for a lower price with our remote team of aviation professionals located in Ukraine.

Aviation Services

We have developed a range of narrowly-focused turnkey solutions aimed at optimizing your business operations and saving your resources.

Your dedicated team in the areas of:

Helping clients in the areas of:

Charter Sales Management 

Flight Support

Maintenance Planning

Maintenance Control 

Pilot Coordination
Anyone else?

Aircraft Parts Purchasing 

FBO/MRO Receipt Auditing

Hotel and Airline Reservations
Many others



Cost Advantages

We charge less than companies in the US and cover all additional expenses related to equipment, software, taxes, and health insurance.

Time Zone Advantage

As we are located in Ukraine, and EET time is 10 hours ahead of PST, our staff are at work when yours are not. So, your business benefits from round-the-clock operations.

We can also build a dedicated team to work 24/7 for you.

Overcome Talent Shortages

You no longer need to invest in recruiting and onboarding your team. Get instant access to a large pool of aviation professionals.

why choose travel confirm

Why us?

In February 2021, our Charter Sales Managers booked trips to a value of $129,000 in total.

In December 2020, our Maintenance Controller disputed an invoice from MRO and saved our client $8,000.

Our Pilot Coordinator communicates with 60+ pilots on a daily basis.

who travel confirm hire.png
Who we hire

English speakers and those proficient in other languages

People with experience working with aviation giants (Boeing, Airbus, major airlines, etc.)

Hard-working professionals with a passion for aviation

We already work with the US-based Aircraft Management Companies and provide the dedicated team in the areas of Charter Sales, Flight Support, Maintenance Planning and Pilot Coordination.

Aviation services
private aviation servises, parts purchasing, fbo mro receipt auditing, hotel airline reservaton, software development, graphic design, lead generation, cold call

Parts Purchasing

We will contact up to 30 vendors to find the part you need for the lowest price.

Our team saved $42,300 for our client, the owner of a G550, by spending 30 hours finding the best vendor of the part at the right price, quality, and condition.

Additionally, we are an owner of Gulfstream G200 and have G200, but not limited to, parts in our own inventory

FBO and MRO Receipt Auditing

Our professionals check the receipts, negotiate the best deal, and generate a monthly report with recommendations on how you can further reduce your costs.

We saved $47,000 for our client by carefully reviewing his receipts.

Hotel and Airline Reservations

Save up to 50% on your booking with our service. We have a number of strategies using miles and points that can help you achieve significant savings.

Additional Services

Software and website development

Lead generation and cold calls

Graphic design

Aviation Services

private charter airplane, excellence aircraft service

We care about excellence in aircraft services

Jeff Bianco, company president, founded TravelConfirm in 2019 to leverage what he has learned over the last 20 years while using and managing services for the private aviation industry. 


He chooses passionate, hard-working people who are proactive learners, and teaches them to understand the needs of US- and Europe-based clients in order to provide a high level of customer service. Beyond his leadership expertise, what truly sets him apart from other founders is his own passion for delivering better results every day. He constantly evolves the company to create the excellence in aircraft services that he needs and strives for himself.


Founded in 2019


A team of 25+ professionals

20 years

20 years of business travel experience

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